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Krystal has been entertaining audiences since her parent’s living room at the age of 3. She got her first taste of the theatre bug when she played a baby angel at her local community theatre.

From there, Krystal started to study theatre, improvisation, and modeling with Joylene Scott at Dream Alley Studios. She would continue to build her theatrical resume with lead roles and commercial modeling with print work. Even though theatre still continues to show up through out Krystal’s work, she wanted the challenge of on-camera acting. Her early studies were with Patti Kalles from Kalles Levine Casting, CSA. There she worked on commercials, cold reads, and on-camera acting. She learned to break her habit of “dancing with the geeks.” Inside joke from Patti Kalles herself.

During her high school years, she worked in a film and a TLC television series. Sadly, the television series was cancelled. The film, Feral, is still in post-production.

Krystal was then accepted in the AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts high school summer program. She enjoyed the program so much, she applied to their college and was accepted into the acting conservatory. Not only did she study Stanislavski, but she also learned to write her own materials. There she co-wrote and starred in her first lead role in a film, The Deadline.

Shortly after graduation, she gained her first Hollywood booking in Don’t Demonize Daniel! Where she created a wonderful business relationship with Jennifer Cooper and Evan Baker. She continued to star in their other productions such as Rappicini’s Formula in front and behind the camera. She has always respected the crew members, both in theatre and on-camera. After working as a script supervisor, she had a new found respect and understanding of the working relationship of actors and crew members.

Currently, Krystal has worked with: HBO on Season 2 in Westworld, a New York Film Academy production titled Work From Home PVT. LTD. and Allport Productions in Emily or Oscar. 

Emily or Oscar has won two awards in the film festival circuit. Winning Best Comedy Film at Hollywood on the Timber Film and Santa Clarita International Film Festival.

Her most recent releases are: Invisible Brown Man (currently streaming on YouTube), Float, (The Elite Youth Playwright winner), and an independent film (releases in film festivals in 2022).

The Actors Mark with Raquel Gardner and The Groundlings are some of the places you can catch Krystal studying at.

She continues to still study theatre, improvisation, on-camera acting, scene study, dancing and singing. Krystal is preparing herself to make her big break.

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